I have never been more confused, and yes a little pissed off then I am at this moment. A representative called Saturday 12/05/2009 she said her name was Judy Hayes, (though this is suspect) the reason I question the validity of her name is that the phone number she gave me is one that does not accept incoming calls. I did as I was told faxed a letter to the fax number 609.718.4593 giving me authorization to discuss this loan, I also told Judy that I had mailed 3 checks #2431,2432, and 2433 for December,November and October statements, I have not received a coupon for September a statement I had already paid sent check to TBW, only check #2431has been processed, checks 2432 and 2433 should arrive today of at the latest by Friday. In the mean time I received a letter saying I was in default,. Try to follow me, I have sent 4 checks 1 has been posted 2 are in the mail and 1 sent 4 months ago that who knows where it is. I have as yet to receive a coupon book, have yet to talk to someone who knows what the heck is going on and currently have no idea if my taxes and insurance have been paid through the esgrow account. Judy says yes, with check #25074 and check #252889.

You say I owe $9856.24 please review and call or write .

Please. I am trying to resolve this apparently the people at your office are not communicatating. Please Help.

Charles Hill

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