I bought a CRV. Used the 3 month trial period and had no intention of signing up.

That was until the Last Chance Offer Department called me with a deal that I couldn't pass up. Three months from November to February 2013 for an amazing 15.00 plus tax. I gave her my CC information and began to enjoy my XM. UNTIL TODAY!.

I lost my signal and called XM. They said I called to cancel the subscription. I said no I didn't. They said either you did or someone who knew all your information did.

Um, impossible. Coincidence that 30 days to the day I signed up in November that my XM expired in December. Asked to speak with a supervisor. He said there are many reasons why your account was cancelled.

He then offered me a six month subscription for 29.95. So I was going to pay for the two months free that I was supposed to get? And XM is going to get more money from me? I don't think so.

So I paid for one month of listening pleasure $17.00 which is more than I would have paid if I signed up for a year.

What a rip off! Never again!

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