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Serial number-LXQSSO21671243B75D1601.

I would like to register a complaint the attitude of staff at Comet, Pricencess way,BB12 0EQ, Burnley.lancs.

We bought a HP laptop in late November, 2011, from Comet at Cheetham Hill Fort, Manchester, and it has recently developed a keyboard fault (the keys type a different symbol than on the key). The machine is still under warranty from manufacturer.We had not installed any new software since it was bought. When we presented it at the store in in Burnley, we were told, rather abruptly and rudely, "that it was a software issue and Duty Managers' exact words were, "IT WAS NOT HIS PROBLEM OR COMETS';THIS CONVERSATION IS OVER! THERE IS THE DOOR! THE lady ASSISTANT added." We bought the laptop with both hardware and software installed already:there is polite way of dealing with customers. Both of them wouldn't listen to our concerns and did not want to know and told us to contact Packard bell as it wasn't their problem.We were digusted by their customer service attitude and we can assure you that we will NEVER buy anything from Comet ever again, and will ensure our horrible experience is logged on Business customer Forum and other relevant customer service reviews websites. Thank you

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Since most laptops have small keyboards they use function keys to switch the keys and the keys start typing symbols that do not fit in the small keyboard. Are you sure do do no have one of those pressed?

I have been a programmer for many years and even wrote drivers for awhile. I have never seen a hardware problem causing this. A keyboard will either stop reporting the key or fail altogether if it is a hardware problem.

The only way a keyboard will enter the wrong keys is if a function button was pressed, some program remmapped your keys (doubtful, but some malmare might try), or you are using a wrong driver.

Fist make sure you do not have a function key pressed. At the top of your keys there is a small letter on some. If it is a function key it is inputting those symbols. If that doesn't work but in safe mode and see if it is still bad there. If it is fine than you have a driver problem.

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