I spent almost 600.00 on a laptop that i really wanted, thinking it was nice. When I finally got my laptop in i was happy when I saw it, and then came trying to get it connected to my high speed internet.

When everything failed and I called the company, they told me that their company does not support high speed internet, only dial up services and they said that it was mentioned in the advertisement. Nowhere in the ad does it mention that the company only supports dial-up connection, not high speed internet. I had had my laptop for a week before i finally found this out. I had to take it to a local computer shop and get the network controller installed on the laptop to enable me to get high speed internet.

That cost me an additional 30.00 to have all the software installed and to make matters worse, not all of the proper software was installed on my laptop.

I was basically given a non-working laptop. well it works great now but I guarantee i will not be ordering anything else again from the company,not even the digital camcorder I was looking at to buy from the company.

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