what my wife and i have is a landlord that just decided to one day get up and step out of his responsibilities and abandon the property that we were renting from him. he just did not want to fix things corretly and to top it off he wont return any phone calls, tells various stories to certain other tenents and only keeps in touch with certain tenents.

this really *** us off because we were the only ones that paid our rent on time, yet he just stop communicating with us but contiues to talk to the other tenets that did even pay him at all? he has sold his house to his dad yet he and his wife still live there (albeit rent free) sold his one of his two cars and kept the one that is paid off and is a junkard, he has done everything to avoid losing his a$$ so when he and his lovley high maintenance wife can get off scott free and the rest of us is screwed out of a of a home. oh and he also turned off our lights a week before christmas because he is a scrooge. how nice.

merry christmas to you, mr. joseph and cyrstal portell of windfall, indiana.

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