Ok, I am so tired of looking for particular brands of ladies designer shoes here and getting my hopes up because the title of the seller's ad says something like "many sizes to choose from, sizes 6-9". And then you read the requests from potential buyers further down in the site, and you find out that there are a few sizes left!

And inadvertently, they are the "unpopular" sizes, and often there are only a couple of PAIRS left. Very misleading and aggravating. Dont entice us if you dont have item.

Its bad business, lying, and false advertising.

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Come on!! You are bidding on shoes and more likely you are not going to win them.

Most of these companies are home based businesses with small inventories....and this is why products run out quick. The key word again is "BIDDING" so I suggest you to do is either click buy now, or go to a live shoe store.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #49135

Well than go buy them early you big baby. It is the people that buy them first that get them first. Don't be a big baby just because you are lazy and do not bother getting your big fat a** down to get them.

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