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My friend and I placed an order for a new kitchen some two months ago. Then we went on an extensive trip to China and southeast Asia and were gone for over a month.

The order came in wrong after we were back in USA. Part was reordered, part was installed. Kitchen is still not finished even though it should have been in weeks ago. We understand some delay in the reorder which really wasn't our fault.

Thanksgiving is over and still the kitchen is not finished. But the larger issue is the lack of communication. A simple call relating the present status would be the business thing to do. Tomorrow will be two weeks since the store manager, installer, and employee who sold the job were at the site to see it in person.

We haven't heard from them since. Tomorrow will be one week since I contacted the regional manager. Still there has been no call relating the status of the reorder or the install date. Sure, Thanksgiving was during that time.

We had Thanksgiving too. Try that with a kitchen torn out and things packed up in boxes! So the complaint is two-fold: the long install (or lack of it) and the lack of communication. The second is particularly irritating.

It might take one minute to dial our phone and give an update. Is this any way to do business?

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Lack of company info.

What company are you complaining about?

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