I've seen your endorsements in TV ads where the customer just raves on your service. How about airing one from dissatisfied ones. I stopped in your store on Lancaster Dr. in Salem, OR today at 1:15 PM and was told by three different employees 'be right with you'. They all continued with phone conversations. Isn't a customer standing right there not as important as a phone call? I intended to get new brakes on all four tires along with buying four new tires. I have a Pontiac I want to give my daughter and wanted everything safe. I am a retired Army Command Sergeant Major and don't suffer poor service well. Since I spent 32 years in the Army I still have considerable clout even though retired. I will not hesitate to relate the poor service I received in all the veteran's publications I am in contact with. I even saw a commercial where an employee runs out to meet a customer, you should be ashamed. I even asked one employee 'Would I get some service if I just called?' Needless you have lost a former customer, but I will denegrate you stores every place and chance I get. I don't know how you make those commercials with a straight face!

C. P. Spicer

Command Sergeant Major (ret)

234 Butte Ct. SE, Salem, OR

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