Kristen has been trying to get my phone number for a long time and

is the whiniest meanest teacher in the world. I would date her but

she is not my type. She'll hold her pencil and look at me

Just look up all her reviews online and I guarantee you that you will never take her again. I would go with Colin in Humanities. Professor Milburn is the coolest professor in the world. You can't get enough of his lectures. He is the right on target. If you ever choose a Professor in Humanities, go with Colin. I will guarantee my words

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You must just be some kid who didn't show up to class and got a bad grade. You're obviously making this up because anyone would take her phone number if she tried to give it out.

to Anonymous #954029

Definitely a loser kid wasting his parents' money at school. And if she asked for my number, I'd give it to her without thinking.

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