Kathy Blackman stole $80,000 from our HOA at Ponce Inlet Villas. Now this woman is running a so called not-for-profit in an entity called Sophie's Circle. She also runs Grammy K's Cookies. She was sentenced to several years of probation and subsequently hired an attorney to SEAL her record of theft so that she could head up a not-for-profit company! I would not give this so called charity a dime of my money! Here's the original story as appeared on WSVN:

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (AP) -- A Daytona Beach condo association president is accused of pocketing money earmarked for hurricane repairs.

Fifty-two-year-old Kathleen Blackman has been charged with grand theft for the alleged scheme at the Ponce Inlet condo complex.

Police say she stole more than 80-thousand dollars in insurance payments received for damages to the complex after the 2004 hurricanes. They're not certain exactly what she was using the cash for.

Police say Blackman told them she'd refinance her own unit to pay the money back.

Read more: http://www.wsvn.com/news/articles/local/MI29794/#ixzz2ffzDSf6Y

Monetary Loss: $80000.

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Very shady person.Do your homework. Dont give a dime to that scam.

She plays on peoples emotions but Im sure that money is going in her pocket.

Someone should do an audit on Sophies Circle. Beware!


My single mother and I went through this SCAM right after my parents got divorced. Kathleen Blackman is a complete *** and in no way should run a "non-profit" organization. I can tell you that this narcissist is putting all the money in HER bank account!

Ponce Inlet, Florida, United States #923964

I know this woman, Kathy Blackman very well. She used to live at Ponce Inlet Villas and it's all true, she stole $80,000 from the HOA.

She certainly should not be in charge of any non-profit organization.

I would suggest someone audit that charity's books very carefully.

Ponce Inlet, Florida, United States #898091

Kevin, you apparently do NOT know the facts regarding her arrest. Kathy Blackman stole $80,000 from our Homeowners Association period!

She took the HOA's insurance proceeds and deposited them into an account that she was able to open under the HOA's name because she was the President at the time. She then diverted those funds for her personal use. She tried to conceal it for an extended period of time until our HOA Treasurer, Susan Gordon discovered it. When confronted, she denied it completely.

Our board had no choice, but to turn all the information over to the police. The Ponce Inlet Police Department conducted a very thorough investigation and charged her with the theft and fraud. Ironically enough, the only reason that she was able to walk away with probation instead of incarceration was because she was loaned the $80,000 to make full restitution by non other than Jim Sotolongo himself. Years later she filed to have her record sealed so that she could open up a charity that folks could donate to.

Kathy Blackman spins one heck of a yarn. Don't fall for it Kevin. It would not surprise me if the lions share of revenues collected through Sophie's Circle end up in her personal account just like our insurance proceeds.

Has anyone ever audited those books? It sure would be nice to have a looksy!

to Ms. Black Casselberry, Florida, United States #947981

can you please call me urgent 386 747 8320

New Smyrna Beach, Florida, United States #835597

I have known Kathy for since 2003 and I know the facts behind the arrest. I can assure you that she is not "shady" and there is truly a legitimate side of the story.

As for the Sotolongo Mortgage Fraud Ring connection, she did work for them briefly and quit once she realized how awful they were. The amount of good that Sophie's Circle has done for our local pets is tremendous.

Ponce Inlet, Florida, United States #802643

This lady is a ***. I didn't know that she was behind the Sophie's Circle group.

I know many people that have given to that charity.

I will let them all know because if she's behind it, I'm sure the books are shady. She's probably keeping all the money for herself.


I worked with her in 2006-2007. Very shady woman, She was also involved with the Sotolongo Mortgage Fraud Ring.

Orlando, Florida, United States #785076

I agree with nmorgan. Read the newspaper people and google mugshots. This lady is a scam.

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