Update by user Mar 16, 2017

I just spoke with Jeff Baer and we agreed to make peace with each other. He promised to remove the slanderous review that he posted about my company on Yelp so I am recanting my review about him and will not re-publish it unless he re-posts his review in which case I will update this review further.

Original review posted by user Mar 16, 2017

This looney tune Jeff Baer requested an auto transport quote on my website and when I quoted him the honest market rate to ship his vehicle from CO to NC he began to whine and chisel me on the price, and even threatened to write a bad review about my company on Yelp. In my opinion, Jeff Baer is a cyberbull and internet troll who feels empowered to abuse and bully small business owners into giving him what he wants.

He is a very cheap individual and doesn't want to pay the going rate and seems to have an entitlement complex.

I would recommend that any and all small business owners avoid dealing with Jeff Baer. He will be your worst nightmare.

Reason of review: Rotten deadbeat customer.

Preferred solution: He needs to provide a formal apology..

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