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Do not trust this Jasmine.It is an absolute scam to make you do transfers to a Malaysian account! I did a few transfers and lost a big sum.

Jasmine promised me to bring back my ex gf soon but only kept delaying it and asking me to perform many weird rituals after rituals on my OWN.Best part was she replied promptly before I make transfers..after I make transfers, she will take her own sweet time to reply. Those money transfers are supposedly the hong pao for the bomoh that she will claim. She will claim the amount is up to us and will manipulate you to give as much as you could but I doubt so the bomoh even exist. The worst was I made it clear to her I go no contact with my ex as she had already closed her facebook account and blocked me from any way to contact her.Yet, Jasmine gave some minyak cinta and ask me to touch my ex with that minyak cintak for a month and then my ex will return to me!

How the *** am I suppose to do that when I got no contact even with my gf and she totally does not want anything to do with me. So be aware people!

This people are cunning *** who feed on your desperation and money! I rather you all forget your ex and move on ...

Reason of review: Not as described.

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I don't know about getting back an ex, but I had liver cancer and made a special request to Tok Ji. He made the tumour shrink smaller and smaller until it totally disappeared within weeks. Could be by chance but even the doctor said the complete remission was unbelievably fast.


Can someone just report her? She gave her maybank details right?

And the dry store name also under that account. Else she will cheat more people with her modus operandi.

Malaysian authorities should be alerted of their scamming operation. I hope they all rot in ***

to Jack #1578126

Don't trust jasmine ! I purchased a love oil from someone else here in sg.

Affordable price and no rituals , but take time. I just give a try and now my ex gf start to contact me !

to Jason #1578148

Can share where to get the love oil pls? How long it takes for ur ex to contact u?

to Anon #1583120

The love oil from phra pirab occult specialist ! Don't trust jasmine, she lier ! Phra pirab occult specialist is good !

to Jason #1578174

Your affordable price means $888 ah? Haha.

Love oil where got cheap. Plus no guarantee also if the ex will come back. I try sg one before trying this jasmine MF service.

All the same! Con ***

to Jason #1578224

can i have your email address or contact number?


Guys, stop trusting this jasmine. This is their modus operandi.

They work in a group to cheat people. The positive comments you see in here is by their own people. For once, stop being stupid. Don't wait until you get cheated few thousand dollars before regretting.

Ask yourself this question. Why would you want to transfer money to someone whom you've not even meet in person yet? You don't even know if jasmine is a girl or a guy. Lol.

Wake up guys!! I could be jasmine too if i want free money, cheating people out of their pockets.

I just need to invest my time and writing via email which is easy to do conning vulnerable people like you! Always trust your gut feelings.

to Yourmother #1578075

Jasmine is scammer and lier ! Go to phra pirab occult specialist! They can really help you!

to Anonymous #1578173

Phra pirab occult specialist is also another conned *** Read up reviews about them. Don't trust anyone is the best. Leave it to fate!

to Yourmother #1580047

You are a liar. Phra pirab occult specialist helps people get back their ex.

Your modus operandi is to give negative comments because you run a bomoh love scam. Nice try, I can see thru your trick.

It's so obvious. Don't be fooled by him guys!!

to Yourmother #1583227

You are a liar. Phra pirab occult specialist is the best.

You must be a scammer yourself writing all the negative comments about others here. From your writing style you must be rawatan tradisional pak napiah's people. He's a scammer and so are you! No wonder you never say anything negative about him but always say others!

Because you and him are the same gang! Guys don't trust him!

to Anonymous #1579586

Yes! Jasmine asked me send her naked videos of myself !

She's lier ! Don't trust her !

to Dolly #1583156

Jasmine ask me pay $1k for materials to do rituals and $2.5k for minyak cinta! My ex didn't come back! She's lier !

to Dolly #1584752

That's better than me ! She ask me pay $5k for rituals and $6k to buy cow for sacrifice.

Total $11k she cheated me ! Don't trust jasmine !


Yes jasmine is lier ! I lost a thousand a dollar for believing her that my ex bf will come back to me , with minyak cinta to touch him !

And weird thing to do too. Before tranfer the money once a week reply the email, after tranfer the money she delaying a month to reply , end up nothing returning....

God will punish what she do with lies to people who really need help ...... I will never forgive her ...

to Mimi #1576674

Can I have ur email.. I'm doing e process too

to Anonymous #1577045

You send your email to me ! I will reply in detail! I’m very disappointed to this jasmine marie!

to Mimi #1576818

We are in the same boat, sister. They are scammers!!

to Mimi #1580485

Everyone, stop trusting this Jasmine. The positive comments you see in here is all by their own people.

They are a group going around cheating people. Please wake up. Don't be stupid! Trust your gut feelings.

Don't let yourself get cheated thousands of dollars and regretting in the end. Jasmine and her group are out to con vulnerable people like you.

Go instead to Rawatan Tradisional Pak Napiah. He is a reputable bomoh.

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