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Do not trust this Jasmine.It is an absolute scam to make you do transfers to a Malaysian account! I did a few transfers and lost a big sum.

Jasmine promised me to bring back my ex gf soon but only kept delaying it and asking me to perform many weird rituals after rituals on my OWN.Best part was she replied promptly before I make transfers..after I make transfers, she will take her own sweet time to reply. Those money transfers are supposedly the hong pao for the bomoh that she will claim. She will claim the amount is up to us and will manipulate you to give as much as you could but I doubt so the bomoh even exist. The worst was I made it clear to her I go no contact with my ex as she had already closed her facebook account and blocked me from any way to contact her.Yet, Jasmine gave some minyak cinta and ask me to touch my ex with that minyak cintak for a month and then my ex will return to me!

How the *** am I suppose to do that when I got no contact even with my gf and she totally does not want anything to do with me. So be aware people!

This people are cunning *** who feed on your desperation and money! I rather you all forget your ex and move on ...

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Do you guys realized someone is using multiple accounts to talk bad about Jasmine and Tok Ji? Clue: They have the same spelling mistake

to Ian #1601877

Mixed feeling dunno if they are real.. how?

to Ian #1603792

You such lier . Clue : You support jasmine

to Ian #1605174

Tok Ji brought back exes to mend countless broken hearts but most can't speak up here because Jasmine swore them to secrecy. A few enterprising shamans and pak ajarns are taking advantage of this situation to talk bad about him..it's an unfortunate state of affairs.

to DestinyDreamer #1607013

You must be the well articulated jasmine! Jasmine writes good English fyi. Lol

to Joker #1608798

Yes! Only jasmine writes good English. Haha

to Joker #1609304

Yes jeff its so obvious! Go pak napiah instead he's better. Haha


Happily back together with my ex of 3 years and it's all thanks to Tok Ji. Don't bother about all the promoters here. Do what your heart feels is right.

to Penny Kee #1590707

jasmine is a scammer. tok ji does not exist at all

to Anonymous #1600069

Beware, God is looking at u. Don't falsely accuse

to Hazrin #1600206

Who is your god? Tok ji? Lol

to Hazrin #1606580

Stop being a troll danny.

to Hazrin #1607190

Stop being an advocate Gary!

to Penny Kee #1591810

You such lier

to Mimi #1592824

Does anyone else feel its weird there are so many 'reviews' for this jasmine from people who end up advocating some other bomoh/shaman/occult specialist...?

to Anonymous #1592828

I'm looking for a genuine bomoh but the 'reviews' here are so suspect especially when they just wind up pushing for some other bomoh in the end

to Anonymous #1592905

Jasmine is lier. Every reply from her took 3 to 4 weeks !


I don't know about getting back an ex, but I had liver cancer and made a special request to Tok Ji. He made the tumour shrink smaller and smaller until it totally disappeared within weeks. Could be by chance but even the doctor said the complete remission was unbelievably fast.


Can someone just report her? She gave her maybank details right?

And the dry store name also under that account. Else she will cheat more people with her modus operandi.

Malaysian authorities should be alerted of their scamming operation. I hope they all rot in ***

to Jack #1578126

Don't trust jasmine ! I purchased a love oil from someone else here in sg.

Affordable price and no rituals , but take time. I just give a try and now my ex gf start to contact me !

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