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Do not trust this Jasmine.It is an absolute scam to make you do transfers to a Malaysian account! I did a few transfers and lost a big sum.

Jasmine promised me to bring back my ex gf soon but only kept delaying it and asking me to perform many weird rituals after rituals on my OWN.Best part was she replied promptly before I make transfers..after I make transfers, she will take her own sweet time to reply. Those money transfers are supposedly the hong pao for the bomoh that she will claim. She will claim the amount is up to us and will manipulate you to give as much as you could but I doubt so the bomoh even exist. The worst was I made it clear to her I go no contact with my ex as she had already closed her facebook account and blocked me from any way to contact her.Yet, Jasmine gave some minyak cinta and ask me to touch my ex with that minyak cintak for a month and then my ex will return to me!

How the *** am I suppose to do that when I got no contact even with my gf and she totally does not want anything to do with me. So be aware people!

This people are cunning *** who feed on your desperation and money! I rather you all forget your ex and move on ...

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Grateful to Tok Ji...performed the rituals and everything turned out like he promised

to Anon #1484036

Did the process take long for you?


Adding my good experience with Tok Ji the bomoh, I did look for Jasmine & got back together with my ex 3 months ago. Was not scammed or anything of the sort. Can't thank them enough for what they did for me

to Carol #1469817

Hi Carol..it's good to hear some good reviews from you.


It's confirmed then...this review is fake. Anonymous (the reviewer) and Sarah are the same person.If you were a genuine reviewer why the need to post a comment under another name to fool people into thinking it's a comment from someone who's not the reviewer??

Summore saying 'People I agree with the comment above' lolll of course you agree...you were the one who wrote it!

You just trying to make people think you're not the same person! So so desperateSarah and Anonymous style of writing is also the same...so obvious it's the same person...a scammer


People I agree with the comment above..Jasmine is an absolute scammer..when I seeked another occult specialist he really helped me and told me how can I be so foolish to trust Jasmine and do all the transfers.

to Sarah #1444342

Hi Sarah..or should I say Anonymous. How much has your con job income dropped every month ever since people found a genuine bomoh like Bomoh Tok Ji?It must be bad right...until you so desperate to cheat people by posting under 2 different names and making stories for each one.Just a tip for you...please use different devices to post your replies next time so they don't have the same IP address...and oh yeah after you post as Anonymous, please don't post immediately as Sarah, you might want to wait a day or two so it won't be so obvious.You are really pathetic..trying to prevent people from getting help from Bomoh Tok Ji so that you can cheat them...you are a conman..you're not even a woman but post using the name Sarah


Did u go to the correct jasmine? because i din have to contact my ex to get him back.

The correct site is bomohminyak.blogspot.

Jasmine asked me to decide myself on hong pao, din manipulate me. Visited bomoh tok ji wif her too n he exists, she allows but at her time

to Ikha #1424960

Hi, may I know how do you use the minyak without having to contact your ex?

to Ikha #1483966

Can share more?


So obvious you're a scammer losing your targets to Bomoh Tok Ji lol why dun you make a police report? You can get back your big sum + put Jasmine in jail for scamming you

I'm sure u'll come up wif an excuse why you're not able to make a police report but got so much time to post reviews here

oh wait, maybe it's because making a false police report will put u in jail instead lol u just want ppl to see your negative 'review'. scammer alert

to George25 #1433274

U must be one of the loser working for her I guess..lol. get a life..I wanted to make a police report but she asked me to perform very weird rituals n had photos of all of it..so I was worried she will post about it but clearly from your comment I can say you must be Jasmine's friend or Jasmine..u want me to make police report? Very well then.

to George25 #1433278

I am very sure you must be one of those that work under her or you are that Jasmine! U want me to make police report?

Very well then I shall because I got all conversation saved. I shall do it.

The only reason I did not want to do that is because she had too much detail and photos on the weird ritual she asked me to do. I find it funny how her testimonials on her blog will all sound the same..it will have the same style of writing..

to Anonymous #1444336

Blah blah blah...trying soooo hard to give excuses on why you couldn't make your police report...exactly as I predicted. Summore until have to post your excuses twice....what a loserIt's been 1 month why no police report??

Where's your police report? Don't talk big only..please post your police report here, you can black out your personal details.Guess you didn't make police report just like I predicted..lol what a loser. Only thing you made was excuses why you couldn't make police report...exactly as predicted. So obvious you're a liar..lol what a pathetic conman.

You must be one of those bomoh scammers slowly losing your prey to a genuine bomoh like Bomoh Tok Ji.Keep saying you got cheated and lost a big sum...lastly people ask you make police report but u only make excuses why you cannot do it..yawnnn. Now wanna act big say will make police report but in the end still sure come up with excuses why it cannot be done. So pathetic..keyboard warrior. Waiting to hear what's your next excuse...this is fun listening to a liar making up excusesPost your police report here...if you don't you're confirmed a bomoh scammer.

I'm sure Bomoh Tok Ji has been affecting your 'con job' business right?? Get a life you con artist

to George25 #1472114

Hi, you personally experience their help before? I'm confused as there're a lot of mixed comments and reviews..

to Anonymous #1444339

Lol I found out Anonymous and Sarah are the same person. IP address checked out the same...their posts were made on the same day...and Sarah's post was made right after Anonymous' posts lollllll it's confirmed Anonymous is a bomoh scammer!

hahaWhat a loser Anonymous! Why did you have to make a fake post using the name 'Sarah' to try and steer people away from Bomoh Tok Ji? Is Bomoh Tok Ji affecting your con job bomoh business?

I guess so if you so desperate till you willing to go all these lengths and even make a fake posting under the name 'Sarah'! Very pathetic

to George25 #1444569

U st*pid {{Redacted}}..I was hospitalized for 1 month and just discharged. I will make police report by this week and post here..you {{Redacted}}.

to George25 #1445164

I see Anonymous you now resort to name-calling because I uncovered you as a scammer…pathetic. Still no police report after 1 month…only another excuse as predicted.Oh yeah traced your Anonymous/Sarah IP address to Phra Pirab Occult Specialist…scam much?You posted this negative review of Bomoh Tok Ji on Dec 01 2017…then posted 2 fake comments under the fake names John and Unknown both on the same day Dec 01 2017 in the other review of Bomoh Tok Ji on pissed consumer.

Traced the IP addresses and all were the same!Then you came back again posting here under the fake names Anonymous and Sarah both on Feb 15. On the same day Feb 15 you also posted under the fake name Anonymous in the other review. Traced the IP addresses and AGAIN all were the same!So ALL the negative reviews of Bomoh Tok Ji and Jasmine on pissed consumer are all from one person…you! You’re such a cunning scammer…using many different names to trick people into thinking there were many negative reviews of Bomoh Tok Ji but in the end its ALL from you and you turned out to be the scammer Phra Pirab Occult Specialist!I’ve been cheated by you guys before…nothing but a bunch of crooks!

Every Singaporean knows your shop in Kallang is the biggest scam in Singapore!

Sorry that Jasmine and Bomoh Tok Ji are ruining your scam business…must be hard having less innocent desperate people to steal money from…Hospitalized for 1 month? Ok I believe you…please post your hospitalization bill + police report by this week…I predict still nothing by end of this week, every Singaporean knows you just a scammer cheating innocent people…get a life Anonymous/Sarah/Phra Pirab Occult Specialist/John/Unknown you scammer…Waiting to see what other fake accounts you’ll make next to post your fake reviews to bash Jasmine...desperate measures to get more victims for your Phra Pirab Occult Specialist scam shop!

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