Do not trust this Jasmine.It is an absolute scam to make you do transfers to a Malaysian account! I did a few transfers and lost a big sum.

Jasmine promised me to bring back my ex gf soon but only kept delaying it and asking me to perform many weird rituals after rituals on my OWN.Best part was she replied promptly before I make transfers..after I make transfers, she will take her own sweet time to reply. Those money transfers are supposedly the hong pao for the bomoh that she will claim. She will claim the amount is up to us and will manipulate you to give as much as you could but I doubt so the bomoh even exist. The worst was I made it clear to her I go no contact with my ex as she had already closed her facebook account and blocked me from any way to contact her.Yet, Jasmine gave some minyak cinta and ask me to touch my ex with that minyak cintak for a month and then my ex will return to me!

How the *** am I suppose to do that when I got no contact even with my gf and she totally does not want anything to do with me. So be aware people!

This people are cunning *** who feed on your desperation and money! I rather you all forget your ex and move on ...

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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if u looked through every comments in the comments section, the writing style and word choice is quite similar for some. Repeated patterns like "text here..

", "blemish" , "trolls" , "promoters" - just read the comments closely. i do not see any promoters here??? if they really are trying to ""blemish Tok Ji and Jasmine because they take away their potential victims which all these scammer who practice the same trade intended to pray on. But when they can’t successfully pray on these people, they turn to online forum to attack them with words."" then there surely will be directions to lead u to the scammers themselves right?

If not..... why would they want to ruin their own industry? what are THEIR gains? there is no pm function here.

the only reason to negative comments here is to persuade u to not go to them (whether or not these ppl are the victims. i believe mostly are and are here to warn potential victims like urself) if u want to turn to "spirituality" like these for help, meet up and talk about it or meet up to PAY them for their services. do not trust online practitioners that asks you to xfer money BEFORE u see any results. thats the best advice ;) anything else, judge for urself.

remember to think before u act and not let ur emotions take control, or u'll lose more. cheers!


to continue..... what i want to say is its better to buy minyak pengasih from sellers on carousell because at least u can meet up and talk about it or meet up to PAY them.

if u want to know some trusted sellers leave ur email here and i will contact u. cheers!


Guys.. don’t even bother to try Carousell minyak / phra pirab occult specialist.

These rude person is definitely one of the scammer here. These people promised you everything under the sun and sell you the so call “minyak” but after eventually you applied on the person or even photo nothing will happen and the so call rituals they had done also nothing will happen, if you ask them again they will tell you to top up more $ for more rituals to be done. He is using multiple identity to promote his service. Guys, if you are good in IT, track this person IP address.

You will realize it belongs to the person who promote phra pirab occult specialist. phra pirab occult specialist is the biggest scamming shop in singapore. If you don’t believe please go to amulet forum and read up more. His so call trusted sellers are all his own people..

that’s why he is so agitated and reacted to my post. The louder he is over here the more obvious his hidden agenda is..


Why are you promoting ur carousell industry here? Go away!


Dont know and dont care all the promoters and trolls in this toxic message board. All I know Jasmine and Tok Ji came through for me.


Please go to ***


There are too many people trying to blemish Tok Ji and Jasmine because they take away their potential victims which all these scammer who practice the same trade intended to pray on. But when they can’t successfully pray on these people, they turn to online forum to attack them with words.

Sometimes the negative comments come from similar people with same IP address. All I can say is, if you intend to turn to Tok Ji and Jasmine, trust your gut feeling because they are real. Jasmine is a very sincere and nice person. She will never take your money and go MIA she just respond to email slow because she is busy.

People who turn to them for help may not necessary be getting back an ex bf or ex gf. It could be an illness that no doctor can help at all and went through many years of suffering. To people who think we are evil minded, please do not judge.

When a person is desperate and when nothing helps when we are trap and when we turn to our god, there is no improvement at all, its normal that we turn to some spiritual help. A lot of them said we will have karma, yes I agree but so long we take responsible for our own action I don’t see an issue with it.


Are you jasmine? Stupid.


You must be one of the scammer. :) Stupid.


Jasmine followers. Boo!


Scammer follower. Lol. boo boo!


I scam and i warn people about scammer like jasmine? What a loony.

Are you stupid? People are not stupid. Judge for yourself guys. Ask yourself why people like this support jasmine becos this person is a scammer and liar like Jasmine also!

Why are u so defensive?

I hit a raw nerves, aye? ^^


Is it me hitting the raw nerve or you that’s why you reacted to me? Me being defensive?

Look who is talking.. I put down my review here and you came into my post and calling me name.. if you don’t like you can chose not to read, I don't have the ability to influence anyone, people chose to believe what they want to believe in. You don’t have to be rude here..

you must be one of scammer that’s why you reacted so big.

Ha! Please look into your own reflection.


Pity ur poor little soul. Jasmine is your God ah? Hahaha


If im the scammer then i must be jasmine? Why am i telling people to not go to her if im scamming?

And why are u advocating her?

Becos u are obviously Jasmine's clan. Boo!


There are many controversial comments in this page... just my two cents worth, I agree with the commenter who is quite balanced with the approach. never try, never know


Just my 2 cents worth. My gf broke up with me n I contacted jasmine.

She checked with tok ji n said couldn't help me.

Didn't ask for money and I didn't give any. If it's a scam she would say can help n ask me for money right?


is there proof that u contacted jasmine, she checked with tok ji and said she couldn't help u? If not, ur comment is irrelevant because I can make this story up too and support jasmine easily by making this statement.

:) and... anonymous was right (whoever you are), every negative comments will suddenly render some positive comments...

hmm.. fishy


So you have any proof that you were scammed? I believe you are the same person who mentioned that for every negative comment there will suddenly be some positive one.

Your motive is just to make people lost trust with Tok Ji and Jasmine. Trace your IP address will do.

;) don’t use that tactic.. it doesn’t work anymore.


To jasmine and tok ji, i dont know if u guys really exists but here is my two cents worth, if u think u can help vulnerable people and deceive them with your scamming powers, I'm sorry to say but *** is a place where u will dwell for the rest of your life. And to the innocent people out there, if u believe in God, stop going to these liars for help.

If it's not meant to be yours, nothing will ever be yours without God's will. I mean even if your gf/bf comes back, what would u derive aside from them being physically present but they are in a state of spell. Even so the spells won't be forever becos these are black magic. And when u have black magic involve, everything about your life will be bad.

You don't want to give up your soul for some satanic ritual and in the long term suffer for the rest of your lives. I have loved a girl so much before but the extent that i have to do to get her, is out of the mind. Spiritually you will suffer, your family suffers and i have learned a hard lesson. If u don't want to be praying to a satan, stop turning to these idiots here.

Take time to heal and try to be happy becos life is short. I am still healing but I'm doing better than before.