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Do not trust this Jasmine.It is an absolute scam to make you do transfers to a Malaysian account! I did a few transfers and lost a big sum.

Jasmine promised me to bring back my ex gf soon but only kept delaying it and asking me to perform many weird rituals after rituals on my OWN.Best part was she replied promptly before I make transfers..after I make transfers, she will take her own sweet time to reply. Those money transfers are supposedly the hong pao for the bomoh that she will claim. She will claim the amount is up to us and will manipulate you to give as much as you could but I doubt so the bomoh even exist. The worst was I made it clear to her I go no contact with my ex as she had already closed her facebook account and blocked me from any way to contact her.Yet, Jasmine gave some minyak cinta and ask me to touch my ex with that minyak cintak for a month and then my ex will return to me!

How the *** am I suppose to do that when I got no contact even with my gf and she totally does not want anything to do with me. So be aware people!

This people are cunning *** who feed on your desperation and money! I rather you all forget your ex and move on ...

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Bomoh TJ delivered as promised :) didn't let me down

to Cheryl #1541901

Do you have his contact number?


Bomoh Tok Ji gave me {{Redacted}}. My ex also cut off all contact wif me but I din have to touch him wif the {{Redacted}} to get him back...only had to touch his picture.

to YiYi #1536701

Hi Yiyi, how long does it take till his back in your arms again from the day you use the minyak pengasih? Have you meet Jasmine too?

to Mark #1542102

Mine took longer than some others, about 1 month. I've meet Jasmine and also Bomoh Tok Ji.


Jasmine is very friendly, can bring her out to dinner when she's got time


Problem solved & everything's perfect. Tok Ji's a good bomoh & Jas went out of her way to help me, appreciate it although her replies were sometimes too slow :/


What I experienced...onli Tok Ji can be trusted. Got cheated by a few healers n spell casters...after paid them money all told me to wait but nothing happened. Tok Ji was my onli ray of hope n he delivered my guy back into my arms again.

to Ezzah #1518041

Hi, care to tell how long does it take for you?

to Mark #1519484

From start of using the Minyak Pengasih n wearing the amulet...2 weeks.

to Ezzah #1520279

Thanks Ezzah.. Appreciate your info here

to Ezzah #1520317

Hi Ezzah, Have you meet Tok Ji and Jasmine?

to Ezzah #1523114

Hi Mark, yes I met Tok Ji n Jasmine...they're without doubt real.

to Ezzah #1524782

Hi Ezzah, Thanks for the confirmation. Appreciate it.

I would like to check few more things with you.

Can I have your email? if you don't mind.


Hi There,Yes Jasmine is fake and i have been a victim too. She was very responsive at first and will go missing and claim she is travelling for work and could not reply.She gave me a minyak which did not even work on my husband after touching him and she dissapeared when i email her again to ask.

to Pam #1518912

Agreed. It didnt work for me too :(I became like a lunatic doing what she asked me to do. Should have seen all of these coming.

to Pam #1518929

I agreeIt didnt work for me too. I behaved like a crazy person.

Nothing worked. So much of false promises were given to me. I actually believed all of these reviews. And yes she said the same thing to me about her job and her replies are extremely slow all of a sudden after i receive the minyak.I really trusted her and tok ji so much as i thought he was meant to be mine and i could win him back.

Now i see it was never meant to be.I hope you are doing well Pam. be strong.

to Anonymous #1522176

I’m sure bomoh tok ji and jasmine are real because I asked for help with my relationship and the bomoh frankly said he couldn’t help after assessing me and didn’t ask for money. If they wanted to scam me they would say they can help and give me false promises rite?

I contacted jasmine at jasmine.marsk[@]gmail.com. Could some have went to a wrong jasmine?


Be aware there are scammers telling ppl they are jasmine. They succeeded in scamming quite some victims, that’s why got review of scams.

Only can find the real jasmine at bomohminyak.blogspot.sg or jasmine.marsk@gmail.com. Nearly conned by scammer too, thankfully found the real jasmine to return my ex to me even tho I had no contact at all wif my ex

to Ivy #1515779

Hi Ivy, how long does it take for your ex to come back? and is he like very obedient to you?

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