I would like to complain about Mrs. Janet Coates , a teacher in a primary school Akrotiri base RAF and Marios Tingis Officer in Akrotiri RAF Base at Custom Office. In the subject JANET COATES she voluntary make transactions with duty-free cars registered on her name, against the law, with help and protection of Marios Tingis, officer in Custom Office Akrotiri RAF Military Base in Cyprus. These people are doing fraudulent transactions off law and in case of a complaining from someone ( mostly foreigners ) the officer Marios Tingis take good care into twisting the law, delaying the investigation, threaten you either you are the victim in the case.

To cut long story short, you buy one of this lady's car, in my case a BMW model 46 from 2002 imported and used to Cyprus Island without any taxes paid, later on she sold this car illegal way without any right of selling it before to pay all the duty taxes and VAT of the vehicle, clearing out the fiscal situation.

How she did that you may ask? With the help of Marios Tingis the officer responsible of exactly this job. Instead of helping he will seize the car then will put you on hold or send you back and forth to different places, Offices and people, diverting you from the real problem HE CREATED IN THE FIRST PLACE authorizing an illegal transaction, covering up the story and the colleague Janet Coates who committed a criminal offence and not get charged any of them of any wrong doing while you as a foreigner only get in trouble and the traditional Cypriot table tenis solution without any solution to the cases.

Please do BE AWARE OF CYPRIOT CUSTOM OFFICERS LIKE MARIOS TSINGIS, MARIOS PELICANOS, JANET COATES AND HERMANN KENFACK DONGMO who help the criminal offenders to have the job done (the middle man in this story, a young black man living illegal in Cyprus, doing illegal transactions with Custom Office cover up, on his name Hermann Kenfack Dongmo most probably from Cameroon after a brief research online has been done).

Be aware of their tricks, lies and intimidation !!!

PS: in the picture is Herman Kenfack Dongmo ( the illegal middle man in Cyprus )

Have a great day out.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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Give me you email and we sort this out so u keep me out of ur ***


Hey i don't know who the *** who are but before putting someone's name on the internet you better check your sources. I am the "middle black man" that you are talking about.you are lucky i don't know you and I'm no longer in cyprus .

I would've sew you. I left cyprus since 2013 because my paper expired. I have been clean and legal for 5 years. But you come here and post people's names stupidly.

... Use your brain dumb dumb.


More than that, the Custom Office Nicosia returned the car back to the English woman who wants to resell the car !! Now imagine what a good life some people have here in Cyprus and it looks like Cypriots they blindly obey to English people living on this small island, for the sake of some attention and the British " power " benefits.

It is sad to see that in Cyprus your rights are not protected , you are not listened and they promote a promiscuous life by not doing anything to help those wounded. Injustice every single day in a chaotic system, in a chaotic nation called Republic of Cyprus.

Be aware of these deceivers !!!

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