Attention Customer Service;

I placed an order several weeks ago and have not received some of the

items that I ordered. I haven't been notified that they are out of

stock either. My family is having our BIG family gathering on the 10th

of December and I really need the below listed items ASAP or I need to

know if they are out of stock so I can buy something else. Thank you.

Acct. #104696002 Paula C. Bartoo, Paintings by Paula

Book code #6521

pg. 141 Boys Camera 2 of them #650185-OKDK BLU

pg. 229 Hunting Book 2 of them #650314-8HFK-HTN

Please let me know if these are available and send express if need be.

Thank you.

Paula C. Bartoo

9994 Oakland St.

Dalton, NY 14836

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