it is simply insane!

what we se now in the streets has nothing to do with fighting police or destroy anything : it is only the italian voice to say STOP to all these years of ***. Get out of there or come out & say something, DO something.

all of u, *** ..

not one moment to show a plan & mantain it!

only years of fightig by words to identify the guilty & to play to be the king. u , closed in your kindom thinking to be teh best , while people get bored, & not so happy.

this is the moment? who knows...

we miss a leader, wherever he/she is coming from, where are you!? we are proud to be italins, you are not one of us.

who i'ma talking about? u all, not one name, not one side, u all.

get out of there & give us our money back.

u, ***

Monetary Loss: $1.

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