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For the last century people have been led to believe that to get a mortgage you had to have a middle man and because of this fallacy, the consumer has been consistently abused financially. It is felt that once consumers have a choice as to how to perform their mortgage loan, which will happen eventually, the chances of abuse will lessen and the economy will strengthen. The deregulation of the Telecommunications industry is a perfect example of what can happen once a consumer is given a choice. Before there was only AT&T, but from deregulation Sprint, MCI and other giants were born. It is time confidence is part of the mortgage process.

Please take a minute and complete a survey regarding your opinion of the present day mortgage process, change of the process, and how you would view the process of the future. Your input and opinions are so important for change. This is for data collection purposes only. Below is a link that will direct you to the survey:


I also ask that you "PLEASE" forward this link to your contacts and ask that they take the survey and forward it to their contacts.

Thank you in advance,

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