Palisades Park,New Jersey
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i have a friend who i thought we were good friends. i guess not.

when i call him to hang out he says he doesnt want to or hes going to stay home today. well the thing is i can here all his other friends (some of which are mine) in the back screaming and having fun. why?

ive always been there for him. i thought we had a lot in common.

the thing that *** me off the most is that he always talks trash about people and then he HANGS OUT WITH THEM INSTEAD OF ME THE PERSON WHO WAS ALWAYS THERE TO LISTEN TO HIM.

i guess mom was right. you wont find true friends to your late high school years and college....btw im a 15 year old freshman and my friend is an 8th grader..

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Tie a porkchop around your neck and the dogs will be your friend :cry :cry :cry

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