Called & used Automated Order Status system didn't recognize the order number, then hung up on me #1

Called #2, used the Order Status system again to make sure I didn't mess up the number, no dice, hung up #2.

Call #3, got a person, asked what I order, got put into a prompt that said they were too busy to take my call then hung up on me #3

Call #4, got a person, threatened to cancel the order if I got hung up on again, got another human who said while the order process & said the item was in stock when I placed the order, the item is unavailable except in store. But not any store for miles around.

It shouldn't take 4-calls to sort out an inventory-related order problem.

Why didn't their system recognize the order # when the human did?

Why is there no way to inform/compliment/complain to BB directly except via phone?

This is why their business is dying & why I don't typically shop there. Lesson learned.

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