i stayed in intown suits 1240 w trinity mills rd, carrollton tx i lived their for a week foilo number is 7845 room 209

the room had roches,

bathroom door will get stuck when i called for repairs i was told not to close the door all the way it was to expensive to fix it.

wow repair the dam door i am paying you full rent.

i got stuck inside for 40 min trying to open they dont care

i checked out as i dont like to fight

4 days later i went to get my deposit refund i work till 6:30 so i made it at 6:50 & anthony koontz was on service desk who refused to do a refund telling me i was late, i explained him about my job hours and the reply was if you need refund you have to come early and take time off my job. then i asked him about their hours and he told me its 11:00 to 7:00 and i show him time it was 6;55 after all the time i spent their explaining him and told him i will call the cops if he dont refund my deposit as i was their on time. and he changed the thing saying he have no cash on him. i asked him to write me check which was refused as well saying i dont have check book. i still dint move saying i was on time and need refund at which he started saying things in low voice which was not clear & i dont hear, then took money out of register and threw money on the counter

be aware worst rooms and worst and rude employees save yourself trouble go somewhere eles

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