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At 1944 piedmont Cir Ne

I have lived here for 2 years and it has only gotten worse

I have put up with this company for to long.

The is only 1! washer for over 500 units and 2 dryers.

Paint is falling off every were and the railings are failing and shake bad in the wind. This place is a total dump and will do nothing with the money that it takes in to help the quality of life here. The money ends up in the pockets of the people who run the corp and have no mercy on the people that pay good money to live there. There are so many reasons that this Corp should be placed under close supervision and mandatory inspections of both buildings, accounts and the people in change of the money.

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I know what you mean. I live have lived in the Intown Suite on 78 and Ross road for 2 years and it's a total dump too. It was okay at first but it's changed hands a couple of times and now it's just plain crappy.

The housekeeping sucks. They don't clean worth a *** nor do the do it in it's entirety.

The manager Mike is a total ***. He's rude, discourtesy and totally unprofessional.

I'm leaving here at the end of next week when the rest of the rent I've paid has been used.

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