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This product, * instant effect * is a facial product said to eliminate wrinkles in 90 seconds flat.

Um the comercial look like a fake.

It seems impossible to be a 50 year old woman and drop 20 in 90 seconds. I haven't tried it cause I'm afraid that my face will melt off like in raiders of the lost arc.....

Please share ur feelings or knowlage on this facial product of u know....

Its website gave skimpy information on itself and I don't trust that......

I think that the " old wrinkly women" that were there were actors because it was a commercial for *We need people to try out this product*

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:) I got a little sample in the mail and I thought sure here is another product claiming to do miracles. Well to my surprise it did work and work fast.

On the deepest wrinkles around my mouth it took more of the cream, but on the second application it worked. I was very pleased with the results. It last for several hours I would say maybe up to 6.

Not sure how safe this product is to us, but I was amazed at the results and fast ones at that. I

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