Took my car for inspection a year ago. The car passed emissions but they said I needed new wipers. Okay to get my car I agreed to the wipers, they charged $25 however while I was waiting they had wipers on display $9.99...whatever

Today went with other car. Before taken in my husband checked the wipers, they were okay...get there they tell me I need 2 rear tires, a cleaning and ajusting of brakes and wipers for $360 something. I said no, after she gave me the paper work she said I could bring it back within 30 days for $10, I asked if she wrote

down what I needed, she said it was printed out and I only needed 1 tire and wipers, everything eles was optional...what! When I got outside checked the wipers and the right one really streaked, checked it and was separated...my husband would never drive around like that!

I could have both done for about $75 the most throw in another tire $150....What a waste of 2 hours...Bay Shore

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