after being continually approached in store to join. finally gave in. paid my fee, in hopes savings. advise need mail box cupons. not emails.guess

what they stop all my mail from harbor freight period. not even regular mailer, let alone special cupons had joined, paid for.went store,those friendly smiling faces, that got me join was gone. was told sir call this

#. guess what after 21 min.they answere phone. heard my problem, said please hold.after another 18 min. i gave up. went back store. assistant mgr

took imfo.be fixed 10 days. aprox 20 days pass no results. go store the manager takes imfo. apoligizes. be fixed 10 days i assure you. 16 days pass

no results.call store get assisant manager. after telling again and giving

imfo again. i asked him how many times we had do this. problem started july

30 th now oct 22. he replies i,m trying to help you, but you seem have attitude. paid for service july 30th almost 90 days later no service

after repeated face/face imfo. phone calls. problem not fixed. as simple

as send cupons by mail that i paid for. guess what you can keep your insider track fee you charged me for.. i want need them cupons. thank you

bad attitude this store was 2000 avondale dr durham nc

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