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Currently, I am looking for job and I had an interview request from a renowned univesity last week. The post I'm interviewing is a marketing manager at the Faculty of Business.

I have arranged to attend a panel interview with 3 interviewers from the faculty. One of the interviewers is the faculty secretary and I have had an unprecedented humiliating interview experience that I ever had before. As a interviewee, I do think we have to right to treat politely.

However, the 'faculty secretary' is using a very critical and provocative approach during the interview, and I felt terribly insulting.

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Beattystown, New Jersey, United States #38409

They SCAMMED me out of $1,300 with bounced paychecks! And I was their Receptionist! Then they left the state! JRP NJ is a Scam so parents, STAY AWAY!


And you heard if from people who used to WORK FOR THEM!

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