267-210-6564 i want my number removed from your roles immedaitely.

I am writing my PA attorney general today with a form letter expalining that i've asked this of Allied. I WILL sue you if I receive another call.

Despite what Allied may think, I'm not afraid of collectors with *** attitudes who call demanding information. I'm not intimidated by threats from upity poor people hiding behind headsets and long distance phone calls. It must feel great to *** on people all day for a living before you return to your grand palaces and bungalows. You fools are as broke as the rest of us. You'd get a lot further treating people with Dignity and Respect.

But let me assure you of this. i can string together more bad words in one sentence than the devil himself. If you call me again, you will find out. I intend to break my personal best record for you.


Thank you for your attention. now DO WHAT I TOLD YOU!

Monetary Loss: $1.

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