worse service ever, AE Matt Nguyen, gave him file for 2 months, telling everyone loan approved, then disappear. Never response, till foudn out he never submit the file, and submit file to outside lender so he can make some cash, but loan declined, afraid to get in trouble so decide to hide.

Called him at least 100 times, still no call back, no email respone, no phone call.

Just kept on hiding, didn't submit the file in the system after 30 days holding the files. Everytime he accidently answered the phone, he will hang up or tell you bad reception, or call you back from landline, then disappear after.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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I have done a few loans with inhouselender and they were great. My AE is Steve Feeney. Always returns my calls and loans are closed very quickly


Never answer the call, nobody follow up. Worst and worst lender.

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