I want to change legal aid provided lawyer with honest one because he is not giving me a time to meet him During time period he has repeatedly failed to show me any interest to defence me in court even the normal standards as laid in the job description and neither has he showed any interest to defence me as per merit of the case "false allegation in support of preventive crime" also he has been insisting me to accept his offer for requesting to crown for withdraw charges from my name while I want to face court proceeding because by the help of honest lawyer I easily can defence and prove in the court that it is the case of preventive crime of victim for custody of children through the false allegation on me treating death. I have documentary prove to support my plea in the court but my lawyer not giving any important to me even he know I have been losing a huge amount of financial losses because of absence from my duty and bussnice place Dubai just because of false allegations on me.

He completely ignored me and at the conclusion of my complaint I would like to request you provide any English or Jewish lawyer.

Please let me know whom I should contact for further information. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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