Walked in. 4 people behind counter.

As if it was hurting " someone " asked, may I help you ? I said YES, I want to buy some glasses. Imagine that..in an eye glass store. The " someone " said the mens are over there and went back to the more important joint session of talking behind the counter.

In about 30 seconds Courtney came out and was very friendly. I told her that she was the nicest person because of the rude welcoming. Courtney spent 5 minutes with me helping me pick out glasses. I like a couple of her selections, and then I noticed that she had just walked away and was helping a person that came in behind me.

I waited for a couple of minutes on Courtney, and then realized that if I have a problem with these glasses; I will have to deal with this pitiful customer service again in the future. I simply walked out, and as I was getting into my car Courtney came to the front door of the business and yelled out, " Have a Nice Day. " I did not respond and will NEVER be back.

I also know a couple of other people who are in the market for glasses. I will make it my BUSINESS to make sure I tell them of my experience with this outfit !

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