I purchased a specific type of work top that is identified as work-dry. I placed an order for seven of these tank tops to get free shipping.

There was a back order that their website did not indicate when I was placing my order and in turn my order was delayed three weeks. When I received my order it was regular tank tops that that were not identified as work-dry. I called the business to have my order corrected and was told flat out that it was my error and that my only option was to return the order for a credit or exchange for their business but that I would be charged for delivery. This busines was not at all customer centric or friendly in listening to my inquiry.

I spoke to a representative by the name of Calvin that would not escalate my inquiry to his superiors but it went know where. I selected this vendor because they had been in business for 34 years thinking it was reputable and fair. Unfortunately I did not make a copy of my original order online and was not given the choice to receive a record for my order.

I will never do business with this vendor and make sure I tell everyone I know about my experience. I am open to counsel on what other action I can take that will have a positive and meaningful impact.

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