On the front cover of your Spring 2010 catalogue, the phrase "Look inside for hundreds of unbelievable low prices!" should've been either "unbelievably low prices" or "unbelievable, low prices". Just thought you might want to know.

Actually, I've enjoyed your products for several years and last year ordered my Christmas from you and everything arrived on time and in good order. Just recently I received your most recent catalogue and was weeding out-dated ones and noticed this error.

Since most businesses want correctly punctuated and worded English just thought you might want to know this little tid-bit! Keep up the good work in presenting affordable, low priced goods.

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La Prairie, Quebec, Canada #209050

I have seen worse. Jay Leno had a book with tons of newspaper clipping and ads with misspelled words and horrible grammar.

One meat market in New York had a sale on pork loin and had it advertised as a Hanukkah special. Yeah, selling pork loin to Jews.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #208372

I think "should've" in your second sentence needs a capital. :grin However seriously I have seen books and magazines make mistakes in spelling.

I am not talking about using British spelling for words, I am talking obvious spelling mistakes like.

"My favorite color is read. They don't happen often but I have seen them from time to time.

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