This company is the Worst!!!. They will harass you and charge excessive unreasonable fees.

In addition, they have outsourced most of their customer service operations. Therefore, you are dealing with foreigners who have little understanding or sympathy and you can't understand anything they say.

I had a mortgage with this company and paid monthly. Missed one payment due to it not processing on their system.

Somehow after being told something different from one rep. regarding sending payment they initiated foreclosure. I paid all monies due plus additional like $1800. My payments were only $260.00.

The company still says I owe money for other fees and things. You can never do enough or pay enough for this company. You never get resolution. I paid this company off, thank the Lord...Good Riddance to a horrible, horrible experience....

I feel sorry for any consumer that is stuck having to deal with this company.

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