It is 9:30 pm. I just got off the phone with Sheldon Brandt from the Plainview, NY office and I'm fuming mad at the blase attitude that was afforded to me.

My predicament starts on Dec. 19, 2011 where I purchased a massage/facial package for two for my wife at around $370 which is a substantial amount of money for me. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift ( meaning surprise gift) where the sales girl was helpful. Then on Dec. 21, 2011 Sheena from the Plainview office called my house to inform my wife that there was a problem with the purchase but said nothing else but to call back. Oh and she said sorry about blurting out and ruining the surprise. My wife did not tell about the phone call till after Christmas.Just in case you or your company does not know, the Christmas holiday is on the 25th. I'm saying because neither Sheena or Sheldon understood that it is supposed to be a surprise. I just could not understand why they could not have waited till after the 25th.

Well I promptly went down to the store the very next morning after I was informed.The sales girl was very apologetic and put me on the phone with Sheena. Although not taking full responsibility, Sheena offered to make one of the packages complimentary to make up the Christmas foul up. I just want to add that Christmas is a big deal in our house. Well anyhow, the sales girl re-swiped the gift cards to show the adjustments after verifying with Sheena over the phone. Feeling somewhat compensated, I trudged over to the jewelry store to purchase another gift to try to make up my surprise Christmas morning mess up.

Now another week later on Jan. 4, 2012, I receive call from Sheldon. He tells me that Sheena felt threatened over the phone that she gave the complimentary card without getting authorization from Sheldon. I didn't like the way he implied I sounded threatening. Especially if I was in front the counter and there were other customers in the store. Then he continues that the complimentary card was excessive and that he needs to take it back and offer some other cheap service. I felt bullied and didn't like his tone of voice. I started to feel that this business was not well run and might give out an inferior service. I did not feel comfortable sending my wife to such a poorly run establishment. I proceeded to ask for a refund which Sheldon said he cannot do because it is a gift card. So far I've had contact with this establishment 3 times already and I've still yet use the service.

I did not care for the blase attitude that Sheldon afforded me and he didn't care for what I was saying and it was corporate policy not to refund gift cards. This was not a very good first impression that I experienced and I was hesitant on this gift. I work in a service industry in that area where I meet a lot of people. To break the ice, I usually get around to relaying personal experiences that I have come across, good or bad. So far this is on the pretty bad experience.

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