4 months ago bought couch they said was special order - dont know why. Anyway gave my money left store - now 4 months up I called to see when i would get it.

the sales lady lied saying she said I told her to wait b4 placing order to check with a daughter I dont even have! I told her I want my furniture next week as scheduled. Rudley she said well thats not happening. Huh Im thru with Carls forever.

Dont shop there. Plus when buying couch I asked a few quetions and got all wrong answers that my son investigated and found out for me. ps when I googled Carls i read bankrupcty issues they were having same time i made purchase. Thanks Rhia I cant wait till Karma bites you in the ***.

Your rude, unprofessional, a liar and terrible sales person.

Make sure people if you go to Carls on St, rd 7 in coconut creek Florida save yourself problems. Keep away from this blabber mouth air head Rhia!!!!

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