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hi my name is chaya,

i recently have noticed my step father has been acting out. i thought in the beginnig that he was a good man and treated everyone right.

but i was wrong. my mother got married to him, and then everything was a disaster. i remeber i went to CPS 3 times by him. he always say dont manipulate or disrespect adults.

what should i do? i cant take it anymore and im about to explode.i almost want to live with my friend stella but its too much of a risk... What should i do?

i cant live at my dads anymore...... so i have nowhere to go to and im about to explode!!!!!!!!!

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chaya, I recommend finding a true christian female that will help you because that is a sign of faith to help others in need and if they are of Christ you will see generous help.Sorry for the child protective services stuff but not all people try to push you into places you wish not to live at.

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