this site is joke,twice i wasted money and sent several emails to various ladies and no response from any not even having any checking me profile. can't believe none were interested. ithink this site is just a scam to rip people off.anyone that says they were lucky and found whatever they were looking fo rare smoking some bad crack.just to make others believe it's real.mu opinion to anyone trying this site is,,,,DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEYocjvhadofhedofheofijhefo;ihef;ovbhje;foivbheoibhjead;ofkvjhbd;ofivbhvbae;ofivhew;ofvhasdvh;ofivheghea;ofihvdas;o;ofivbhae;ofiheo;fvbhd;fod;aofhjv ae;ofivbheoiheh

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