The Editoria Board had to have approved of the adoption of an Editorial piece that first appeared in the Gastonia(N.C.)Gazette, a siter paper of the Register in Freedom Communications Inc.,in order for that article to appear in today's Editorial page of the Orange County (Ca.) Register.

The Gist of the article is that the County Officials,on a vote of 6 to 1, approved of adding 3 Law Enforcement Officials to the County Jail System to supplement others involved with assisting ICE Officers in determining the status or residency of Inmates in the County Jail System.

The article complains of the cost of such participation to the Taxpayers of that County. An astounding $ 175,000 per year, estimated to go as high as $210,000 by the year 2013.

To be fair though, possibly for political purposes so as not to upset the average Citizen in that Community, they did point out that the base pqy for the 3 new Officers was $116,000 dollars with the other dollars being spent in benefits and training costs. (I have never seen an expense explained this way).

For some reason, they wanted to know that the 3 new Officers, weren't being paid more than $40,000 per year. And one of them was even a Sergeant (obviously being transferred because of the Sergeant status, which implys Management).

The lone dissenting Commissioner out of a vote of 6 to 1, complained that the amouns involved was a lot of Tax Money being spent because the Federal Government wasn't doing its job. He said"We're not talking about a few dollars here".

A report from the County Jail Administration revealed that in a 9 month period in 2007 (evidently when the program started) a total of 363 Inmates were interviewed (either because they looked Latino or didn't have the Southern drawl or accent of North Carolina) and of those interviewed 302 were processed for possible Deportation.

Thats almost 90%.

They didn't state what the total Inmate Population was so we can't determine what percentage of the Inmate Population consisted of Illegal Immigrants.

Nationally, its supposed to be from 15% to 20% depending upon the Counties of total Illegal Immigrants.

Some Liberal Think Tanks that publish on Illegal Immigration, but usually always only refer to it as Immigration and Immigrants, never using the term Illegal as a Category separate from Legal, always brag that the Immigrants actually have lower Crime Statistics than Native born Americans.

I don't understand their point because Hundeds of Thousands of Illegal Migrants (as I call them since they are really not Immigrants) have committed Crimes that wouldn't have taken place at all if they weren't in this Country.

Each Child fathered by these Criminals adds $10,000 per year in Educational Costs alone.

What about Medical Costs, Housing Costs, Welfare Costs,etc,etc,etc.

I am amazed at the shallow reporting, and then to think the Register Editorial Board thought it was so substantive and meaningful, to borrow it from a Sister Publication for exposure to the Voters of Orange County.

Isn't it kind of logical, that if somebody snuck into a Baseball Game Facility, that they wouldn't want to attract attention to that fact by creating a problem while watchng the game?

I find it almot unbelieveable that anyone would write about the expense of enforcing the law.

The best way for any Local,County,or State, Government to Balance their Budget, or reduce Expenditures of All Types, would be to be involved in the Removal of Illegal Migrants.

The American Taxpayers Costs for tolerating Illegal Activities of any type, and especially not enforcing Immigration Laws, are astronomical.

If the American Taxpayer became aware of this Burden, they would throw the Rascals Out.

And by this, I mean the Politicians.

Alsip Magistrate

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