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My complaint is not about your store items, but about the illegal emigrants that you have hired at your store on Telephone Rd in Houston. I know this man has false papers that he bought them at the flea market and even has warrants out for his arrest. How do you expect us to feel comfortable in your store when you have these type of employees. In order for you to fill your positions with cheap labor you decide to hire the worst of the worst. Don't you realize that WE-the Americans are having to pay for their benefits? We need jobs too! You should be ashamed of yourself, trying to act like you are for the FAMILY but instead you hit us where it hurts the most, our pocketbooks. You evidently are not using the background check system(again to save money), nor are you following the law. The law states that if caught the company will be liable for a BIG FINE. We will never visit your store again - those criminals belong in jail or shipped back to their country.

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Do you have any hard evidence to back up your claims? How do YOU know that he has false papers and warrants?

Do you know what this mans compensation for employment is or if he is even on the payroll?

BTW, the term "emigrant" implies the process of travel.

You should have said, so-and-so "emigrated" to America, OR he is an illegal "immigrant". :x

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