They are rude, obnoxious, foul and downright harassing. I have NO idea how they stay in business. They call all day, everyday. Do they not understand that I have caller id and have stopped answering the phone when they call?

I spoke with a woman once, told her when I intend to pay... 4 days from now. Yet they do not stop calling.

I am extremely frustrated and will file a formal complaint to anyone who will listen.

I'm not denying my debt, but I will take care of it with the company I owe it to. I would NEVER grant them the honor of taking a payment from me.

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I just had a similar problem 2day!! exept i didn't know any better and payed them 13 days ago.i should have checked the web first!!

any way they said abstract take 2 days now its 13 i called and wanted to kno what the deal was cuz i paid in full and the little kids they hav runnin the dog an pony show said they were getting frustrated!! WHAT!!!! NOT ONLY IS THAT AN EMOTIONAL RESPONS MAKING MY BUSINESS PERSONAL TO THEM HOWEVER 500$ IS ALLOT TO ANY AMERICAN RIGHT NOW AND IM TRYIN TO BE A PRODUCTIVE MEMBER OF SOCIETY!!

if any one should be frustrated it should be me an i just asked the shmuck to run what he said by me one more time and he responded 2 me like that!! what has this country come 2 we shouldent have to bear the stress an anxiety on top of debt that isnt American!!!


alot of peopel might not be aware that Wells Fargo is a part of America's Serving Company. They also just bought Wachovia!!!! People should contact their representatives and tell them how they are conducting business!!!!


Wells Fargo/ aka America's Servicing Company, are very rude when you call them. The programs they set up for you are almost impossible to work with. They should be made to work with the people and not against them, better yet let them close their doors


My husband and I have both our vehicles financed through Wells Fargo and we have NEVER been treated so badly before. Everytime they call, they scream at me and never listen to anything I say.

They tell me they don\'t want to hear what I have to say. I have been cussed out three times by their reps. The first one was Tamika and I reported all three to supervisors but still got nowhere. I have even had supervisors scream at me and these accounts are not even in my name.

They are both in my husbands name and they raised our interest rate to 17% so I feel we will never get them paid off. Their latest attempt to *** me off is that they have locked me out of being able to pay on my accounts online. When I called to see why, I was told it is because I am behind on my payment and they want me to either make my payment through Western Union (expensive) or do a check by phone and pay them an additional $10 fee to take my check!! I refuse to do checks by phone because I authorized a payment on a Friday a few months ago but they took the payment out of my checking account 1 week prior so we bounced and incurred a $30 overdraft fee which they are now refusing to pay.

I am sooooooo frustrated, I could scream. They don\'t listen to anything you have to say and if you *** them off, they threaten to repo, regardless of your payment status at the time. I advise anyone thinking of going with Wells Fargo to ask themselves this question first: Do you like being treated like ***?

If so, by all means, go with Wells Fargo. If not, stay FAR away from them!!

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