Today, my son got a call from a James Brown who said he was an attorney for US Cash Advance (716) 543-9999. Indicated he took a loan out 2 years ago.

He never did.

Told him that he had been contacting his via e-mail (had his e-mail address) for the last several months. The e-mail indicated that he must pay off this loan by tomorrow (8-26-11) in the amount of $351 and send via Western Union or else he would be arrested. I then spoke with Mr. Brown and he indicated that I could not handle his affairs as my son was of legal age.

I told him that I was his guardian (not true) and that all information would have to come through me. he would not speak with me. I then went on line and noticed that a scam was being processed throug this company. Everyone --- please call the Federal Trade Commission immediately if this happens to you.

They will tell you immediately it is a scam.

(877)382-4357. DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL TO THEM....

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716 543 9999

im haveing problems with that number calling me 50 times a day m he also goes by the name of anthony davis calls him self attorny of us hes been harrising me for almost week in a half plz some one help me get this guy cause i want him put away for life and his company sued e mail me at airjimmy232003@yahoo.com thanks for your time


Anyone with half a brain knows its a scam. Report them all you want, the gift can't touch them. They run their scam out of other countries.

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