I was charged on my debt card without my authorization 3 times totally over $200.00 They wont respond to my calls or emails. I filed a complaint to BBB and my bank is checking into it.

Believe me I want to know who is doing this. I Want to make sure I am repaid for all charges unauthorized by this co. They say their site is safe ha ha safe from who .Sure hope to settle this soon buyer beware i will NEVER shop here again.Id advise all who enter. I wish I would of searched about this site before I ever ordered(by the way only 1 time and that was last year ) I cant beleive they can get away with this looks like alot of people have had this happen to them.

funny how their site says 24/7 customer service NOT (they never reply and I emailed a dozen or more times plus called noone ever repelied) sure hope this doesnt go on too much longer its just not fair .

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