7 Eleven - 7-11 going the way of KMart

I had to laugh at the reviews of 7-11's across the country and now the only one that will get any action from my complaint is me. You are known for the BAD service and RUDE employees .

You don't seem to care do you. Just want the $$$$$$$ don't you. Well I do know that I had a very bitchy clerk at the 7-11 on Midway and Lowell in Broomfield, CO at about 1:30 PM. I grabbed a cup from the closest cup dispenser by the ice tea dispenser.

When I went to pay the clerk said it was $1.94 . When I asked why and she said "well you chose the cup". It happened to be a slurpy cup. When I told her it was the only one by the ice tea.

She snottily said I could've walked over there to get a different cup. Which was much further from the tea dispenser. I told her I didn't want the $2.00 ice tea and she said too bad. My daughter paid for it - I wasn't going to.

She could have kept her rotten tea. I ended up tossing it out because it tasted really old and had a sour taste. Customer service is NIL. I know I will never ever go to any 7-11 again.

I will share with every one I know to avoid your rotten businesses.

You will end up loosing a lot of customers because we do expect good ,polite and honest customer service.

Sincerely , Kathy Richards

Iced Tea
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Clerk and tea was bad, Methods, Service, Staff
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Pricing issue
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Kmart - Expired goods

Hello i am regarding the K-mart in indiana pa.

Multi-able times i have been to this store and bought expired drinks. One time the refrigerator was broke and the tea one time and chocolate milk another was spoiled.

Most recently was yesterday I got a tea on the shelf went to my car to drink it and it was awful. The date had may 23 2016 on it. So i returned it to find out most all of the tea was expired. I found one with a date of Aug. 15 2016 took it home to drink with my family and it was bad.

The tea i drink has a refrigerated brand and shelf brand i believe this needed to be in the refrigerator.

Every time i go to this store i seem to waste money and going to let my friends know not to go here for any type of food.

I can't trust this k-mart to sale anything worth while.

Un related when i go to buy plants from this store they are all dead. Also the price tags are never in the right spots for the plants.

I hope you are able to do something to change this. Use to like going to k-mart b/c its in the mall now i'm going to avoid it.



Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1197703

You might consider looking for and reading the expiration date on perishable items you buy from any store---while you are in the store. Just a thought.

First Born Triplet
Ontario, Canada #1197950

That is a very good point, but stores are required to have the employee working in areas where things expire to check each and every item once a month or something. Just be glad it was expired food and not expired medication.

Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #1201224

I don't think this person knows how to read. That is quite obvious.

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Let the company propose a solution
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