Brookland, Arkansas

hi! my name is bill keeling and i bought a tv at the osceola branch,i was told that if i paid it off in 90 days,that the would be the same as 90 days same as cash,but they said that the wasnt the case,i delt with a guy named robert naughty,he sold me the tv for 400.00 if i paid it off in 90 days.i tried to pay it off but i was told that there was a mistake with my paperwork,at no fault of my own,i then spoke with robert naughty and he said he would get my paperwork ready for me,for the folling day,he called me back and stated that my paperwork wasnt right that it was in the computer for over a thousand dollars and my payoff would be over 523.00 dollers.and he would take care of it and get back intouch with me.i spoke with him the next day and he said that i had to speak with a lady named sarah,i did,it didnt help at all,she apologized for the 2 managers leading me on,and misrepresenting the situation.but i called 4 times before i gotthe make sure i could get the tv,if i was going to have the money....since then i spoke with robert on severeal diffrent occasions,with no luck,he told me to get with another fellow,on a 1-800 number,and i called that number and left messages with them severeal times but noone ever returned my call.none.none.noone is interested in the facts that did speak with me,robert naughty said it wasnt right the way i got done,and that he would gladly tell the story of how i bought the tv for 400.00 to upper management.but he said he couldnt get intouch with the upper management eather.what am i to getting shafted.robbed,,and i am pissed.i would like to talk to someone who would call me and talk with me on the phone with robert naughty on the other line at the same prove that im not lieing.i dont want to lose my money that i paid on this tv.i even told sarah that if i cant get the tv.for what i was told to at least.use that money as my first down payment for the new one i was going to buy after i paid the old one i bought off.she said she couldnt do that.basically if i want the tv i purchesed i would have to pay full price.....and not what i was quated......could someone please call me....i need this tired of getting the run around.......870-824-2255 billy keeling...

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