To Whom It May Concern:'

Yesterday at approximately 11:05, I was injured during a training session. First I was told to put my left leg up on a high bench while carrying 8 pounds of weight in each hand. This was difficult but I did it 10 times. Next I was told to do the same think with my right leg, the one with an ACL tear. I said that I can't lift my leg. "It just won't go." The trainer then told me to put the weights down and then try. I still said that I couldn't lift my leg that high, but then I tried. I got my right foot onto the stool, and at the same time, something tore in my knee, and I fell backwards off of the high bench and hit the back of my head on the floor. I couldn't put any weight at all on my knee and I was in excruciating pain!

My knee has swelled up to triple the size and is still quite painful. I"m hoping that I won't need surgery, which was required almost 3 years ago. All of this information is on my training records, that I had knee surgery on May 8, 2007 and that I have an old ACL injury from 1981.

I have three training sessions left, since I purchased 6, and they will expire on April 22. Since I doubt that I will be permitted to do any exercise at all for at least 6 weeks, due to my injury on February 24th, I would like an extension for those 6 training sessions until at least July 22nd. Otherwise, please refund half of my $490.00.

Thank you very much.


Lynne Moore,

Member since January, 2006

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