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I am Charles Hawkins or fun4chaz2010. I want the auto recurring payments stopped immediately and my account closed.

If you have any doubts or questions, please call me at 409-504-2488. I do not want to see another charge from you again.

Why can I not find a button somewhere on my home page that will let me terminate the auto recurring payments as I have on the other dating sites I have been on? Is this some kind of scam of your company? Surely you would like repeat business once I am ready to return?

Please terminate the auto recurring payment from my bank account immediately! Why is this being so difficult??!!

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Thank you for letting us know about you problem. Your recurring fees have been terminated. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


R. U. Kiddinme

Some Unknown Company, Inc


Dude! What in the world are you doing posting something like this? Here's a bit of information for you: THIS IS NOT THE DATING WEBSITE! In order to cancel your account with them, you have to contact THEM! This site is just an anonymous b*tch site! Just a guess, but I'm going to assume that once women see what a bright young man you are you don't get many second dates, do you? :eek

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