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my name is Danielle Salkeld. I have ordered my birth certificate I payed for it twice I have two different orders that were over nighted u.p.s.

next day air and I have never recieved my birth certificate .

I purchased this on July 27 2010 my order number is 22938343 1 birth certificate $17.00 processing $6.00 and shipping $18.50 for a total of $41.50 paid by visa card I all so have a order no.13721371 I would not have paid for this if i did not need it. I m feel I have been treated wrong and would like to know what they plan to do about this and when will i recieve my birth certificate?

Sincerly upset Danielle Salkeld 4-23-2011

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Allgood, Alabama, United States #278380

Contact the state in which you were born. They can tell you exactly how to get a copy of your birth certificate.

You don't mention who you paid twice but I'm going out on a limb assuming it was from some website.

Sounds like you've been scammed ... TWICE!!!

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