I can not believe I was such a fool. It is hard for me to meet single women and I thought this would be a good thing.

Never tried internet dating so I thought what the heck. I sent numerous messages to gold, silver and standard members.I did not get one response back. I know I'm nothing special but, come on now.... No responses at all.

What a joke. I was also scammed by a model on this site. it stated but, she sent me a wink ??? Next thing I know, free web cam my a**.

What a croch. Lesson well learnt.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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I feel that I've been scammed also. I wanted to join for what I thought was four months not one year.@ $ 59.95.

I ended up paying $ 129.00. I would like a full refund.

Please contact me by email. Thank you.



Wow, so glad I'm smart enough to first dig some dirt on this website and any other website before deciding to submit my credit card information. Thank you guys so much for sharing.

They won't be getting a red cent out of me. I just became a member two days ago and received a few emails from other members, aking me for a picture and more info to see where things would go from there. But in order to respond to those interested members -- Yup, you guessed it.

I have to submit my credit card information. Ha


HornyMatch is a fraud dateing service, please read all the comments before you get sucked in, they only have fake members.


someone should spam their website with a virous


Save you money it's one big SCAM, RIP OFF. I had women who liked my picture, only prolbem I don't have a picture. Plus check the mileage from your location to the women and you see they are wrong by about 140 miles.


Try adult friend finder


Same here, a lot of winks, no responses after emailing them

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #118743

i myself was scammed on this site the same thing happened to me only i was getting winks from lots of women but when i joined the program every thing stoped i tried contacting the ones i got winks from and got nothing in responce never once did i get to chat with anyone this is an outrage they neen to be shut down now.

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