Wrote to a seller on I sold my house for a property in Webster, Ma. The property has a just reduced price of $249.000.

I spoke with a woman who made an appointment with me and my husband that Friday. I called her in the morning and got a call back about 1 hr later. I said was still interested in the grey house in Webster. At that time she says which house were you interested in???

OH I am sorry that has been sold although it is still on I sold my house as a property for sale. She then told me her and her husband have 17 lots and if we wanted they could build us a house. Bait and switch for sure. I made 3 calls to I sold my house to report this person, but the house is still on the website.

They woman called my cell phone after weeks this past Sun and asked if I wanted them to build me a house again.

Be careful of contractors who try to bait you with a house that is to good to be true. Disgusted with the response from I sold my house.

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