Merrifield, Virginia
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i placed a order for a meadom 2 toping pizzaand thay forgot the second toping and thay burned the pizza and the wings that i ordered with the meail wher to bee barbique and i told them y i cant eat hot wings and thay still tryed to give me the hot ones aneyway and then gave me a slip for the wings so i got no super cous i thrue away the pizza it was crape so i want to know what your guna doo about this *** cous im mad enouph to stope patronizing your dizines and ill tell a the people that i know what hapend and y im pist about it my adress is 6506 broadback Rd glen rock Pa and i got this order in hanover Pa on baltomore st store

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perhaps they'd be able to help you if they could understand what you're trying to tell them. learn grammar and spelling before attempting to complain again. :roll

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