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This fking company is bllsht, I am reporting them and the "private seller" to every business site there is, plus the better business bureau, they got 200 dollars out of me and they want more, they are not getting it, my children are heartbroken over this puppy that we are never going to get. All I taught them was to not trust anyone.

I hope this company goes up in fking flames!!!! If I had the money to just throw around I would have paid 1500 dollars for an english bulldog, these people will get bitten in the *** by Karma!

Monetary Loss: $200.

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This reported experience is NOT in any way related to uShip.com, but rather describes an instance where a person or people have fraudulently used uShip’s name, logo, etc. without consent.

uShip is an online marketplace where those who need shipping services can list their needs and receive bids from independent transporters registered on the site.

uShip is NOT involved in the actual shipment of any items, and uShip is NOT involved in the purchase or sale of any items.

We have been made aware of scams occurring on various online classified sites where the seller of an item makes false and fraudulent claims about uShip and/or impersonates a uShip representative in an attempt to trick individuals into sending them a wire transfer payment for non-existent goods.

We are sorry to hear you fell victim to one of these scams. We strongly encourage you to contact the online classified site where the ad was found as well as the Internet Crime Complaint Center to report this fraud.

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