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I have three wrondful boys. They are in foster care,and have veen for about 18 months now.

While they have been in CPS custody, two of my boys were in a car accident in the care of the worker. I was not informed about these incidence until two weeks later. Also I feel the foster parents are trying to turn my oldest son against me. From the time my children have been taken from me they have been talking about adopting them as well as taking my rights away from me.

I am trying to get my case transferred to Duluth, Minnesota. I will like for my case to be transferred here, however, my worker Erin Yanus says that it is against the law to do so. I spoke to a case worker here in Duluth, Minnesota and was told that my worker in Seattle had to put a transfer in in order for them to hear my case or to accept my case. She referring to Erin Yanus refuses to do so, she is more concerned about terminating my rights as a parent and adopting my children to another family.

I moved to Minnesota for better opportunity as far as housing and to receive the help I need. I was unable to find housing in Seattle Washington due to the fact that my caseworker would not sign papers stating that the goal was for my children to return home. On several occasions she is well told Housing Authority in Seattle that she was not returning my kids to me. In court it states that these are things that I need to accomplish in order for my kids to return home.

By me moving to Minnesota I have begin to accomplish these goals and I know it is better for me here as well as for my children. If my case was transferred here it would be a lot easier to monitor and track my success in completing these goals. While being in Minnesota I have received housing started my mental health treatment and continuing my mental health treatment as well as started going back to school.

My kids are very important to me I miss him so much I truly only want to do better for myself as well as them that's why the move to Minnesota what's so important for me to get myself back on track. I was unable to accomplish any goals in Seattle due to the fact that I had no help here I'm receiving the help that I need and just want to do better for my children.

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